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When you support Project Angel Food, you ensure that our mission is carried out in the following key areas:

Using Food as Medicine

Project Angel Food knows that good, nutritious food can be powerful medicine. That’s why we tailor our meal plan to each person’s specific disease and medical treatments. Our menus are on a 12-week cycle, and are made with fresh ingredients that are full of robust nutrients and calories. This allows each person on our service to have the best chance for survival and recovery. Along the way, our nutrition services team provides in-depth nutritional counseling to empower clients to make healthy eating choices in the long term.

See how our partnership with Ralphs Food 4 Less helped us buy fresh ingredients that make up Medically Tailored Meals. Because of partnerships like this and supporters like you, Project Angel Food can meet the needs of our community.

Nutrition counseling, client services interaction and an army of volunteers are made possible by your investment

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Feeding those with critical illness

Project Angel Food prepares and delivers over one million Medically Tailored Meals each year, free of charge to homes of men, women, and children affected by life-threatening illnesses. Under the care of Project Angel Food’s registered dietitians, and in consultation with each client’s primary healthcare case manager, clients receive one-on-one nutritional counseling and a customized menu that is designed to meet the unique needs of their diagnosis and aligned with their personal dietary restrictions and preferences.

Watch how Project Angel Food delivers nutritious food to senior clients, like former opera singer and actress, Phyliss Applegate.


Providing Hope and compassion

Project Angel Food delivers hope and compassion to those facing serious illness. Our meal deliveries provide not only food and nutrition, but also a sense of community and support. Many of the recipients of Project Angel Food’s meals live with conditions like cancer, AIDS, and heart disease, and often feel isolated and alone. Receiving a meal from Project Angel Food can brighten their day and remind them that they are not forgotten. 

Take a behind-the-scenes look at Project Angel Food’s Lead with Love 3 telethon, which raised more than $1.1 million! This is the third year in which people like you came together to show their love for those living with serious illness in our community.

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